No matter the industry, starting a business is perhaps one of the biggest risks that an individual can take. This risk includes putting your career, financial stability, and what seems like hundreds of hours a day on the line in order to make your new business flourish. In many situations, your new business will start out with absolutely no market share in the industry as a result the goal quickly becomes to gain a fraction of the market share just to keep your business running. Before we get into that part of growth, we need to start from the beginning. So, what does it truly mean to start a business?

                Many business owners will find themselves in a situation where they have come up with a brilliant idea: “NO ONE has thought of THIS before! I can make MILLIONS!”. Then you begin to do research, and reality sets in: “My idea has been thought of before, and there’s already tons of companies doing it”. Suddenly, the mind-set changes: “Ah, but see all these companies are doing things wrong, I could do it so much BETTER!”. This mind-set is not destructive in starting a new business, in fact, it is often a driving factor for working that little bit harder than someone else, and for trying to prove that you truly can run your business better than anyone else in the industry. Alright, you’ve come up with this amazing idea, there are other businesses in the industry, but you know that you can change things and do them better and be successful at it. So, what do you do next?

                Now begins the excruciatingly long and tiring process of forming a business plan, getting the capital to start the business, and putting your plan into motion. As I am not an expert on all things business and I cannot tell you how you should formulate your business plan or how you should get investments, I will simply leave you with a few short notes. First, know that no matter how detailed your plan is, be prepared to encounter something that you had not accounted for. If there is any business owner that tells you they have started and successfully run their business without running into anything that they had not planned for, then they are lying and you don’t even have to take my word for it, just watch Shark Tank.

               Second, be prepared to fail. Failure does not mean that an opportunity has been taken away, it means that an opportunity to grow and to learn has been given. You will encounter situations where you find out that your processes or your ideas just do not work out as planned, but this should never discourage you. Instead encountering a situation such as this should drive you to learn from it and adjust. The most successful business owners, athletes, inventors, etc. are the ones that have failed, learned from their mistakes, and adjusted. Take good old Thomas Edison as an example, he stated “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”.

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                Lastly, no matter the struggles and no matter the failures, do not allow yourself to “self-defeat”. Never allow yourself to become your own worst enemy. You could fail a million times, you could struggle with decisions on a daily basis, but as long as you do not allow yourself to become your own worst enemy, then you can change the world.

“I will fall, I’ll fall, and take your breath away
We will change, it all, and take your breath away”

– Thousand Foot Krutch My Own Enemy

               By now, if you’ve made it this far, you are likely wondering: “Well, this is a blog post on a fleet services/repair company website…what on earth does this have that I could not find in some random business book, and why did he decide to write this??” Well, “Gear Noise” viewer (as we have so wonderfully worded it) the purpose of this page and this blog section is not strictly to inform you of trucking and automotive industry news, but to also show you that every business and every aspect of our lives has “gears” that are constantly moving towards a purpose.

                In starting this business, Mobile Fleet Services of Virginia is not a company that can claim that we have been without any struggles, problems, failures, and even if we did try to say that, you could tell us that we are liars (because I told you that anyone who says that is a liar earlier). We have learned and will continue to learn every single day. We have adapted and adjusted, and we will continue to do so as our industry and the industries that our customers are a part of are ever changing. We are striving every day to make our mark on the industry that we are in. This company’s goal is to make a difference and change the way that business is done in the fleet maintenance and repair industry. We will be HONEST with you and maintain INTEGRITY in everything that we do, and we will treat you, and your vehicles, with the RESPECT that you and they deserve. These are the core values of our business and they are what will set us apart from any other company in our industry.

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